" I have little doubt that fans of epic fantasy will enjoy this series and become immersed in the adventures of the heroes and villains of Arteriea"

"The author gives us a richly detailed fictional world, with many unique characteristics and an ensemble cast of secondary characters."

Fantastic Read!

Frozen Path

"This is a very well-written and engaging book. It is fast-paced and detailed without any long, boring passages."

Frozen Souls

"This is an excellent book for people who enjoy good-versus-evil tales featuring wizards and supernatural events."

"The author writes clearly and concisely, with first-rate grammar."

"Mr. Mouland develops his characters, not by his words, but by their actions."

Frozen Mystic

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" Both books do end with cliffhangers, but that only made me want to read the series even more, and with that the author succeeded."

"I can definitely appreciate a rapid-fire narrative that doesn’t waste any time getting straight to the heart of the matter."

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When there is darkness and fear in the hearts of man, he can be easily swayed, giving power to the forces of evil ...

-Excerpt from the  novel, "Frozen Path"

Author: Steven N. Mouland

Steven has just completed his "Children of the Zodiac" Series 1, which includes the novels "Frozen Path", "Frozen Souls", and "Frozen Mystic"

This fantastical adventure follows the journey of Jeremisias and company as they seek to fulfill their destines and escape the clutches of the shadows that hunt them.

His first novel, Frozen Path, will be released on August 15th, 2015. Books two and three will be released soon once they finish the editing process.

"This is a fantasy series, and an author to watch for."