Frozen Path:

Book 1 of the Children of the Zodiac series


When there is darkness and fear in the heart of man, he can be easily swayed, giving power to the forces of evil.


Arteriea has always known evil. But lately a new breed of monster is emerging from the shadows, hell-bent on wreaking havoc and targeting the Children of the Zodiac, young men and women who are destined to wield the power of the signs. There are also those who will do whatever it takes to control the Children of the Zodiac and convince them to use their power for evil.

Drawn away from their homes in search of a more meaningful life, those chosen as avatars for the Zodiac know not what their destiny will bring. Shy and kind-hearted Elementalist Jeremisias Mystal is plagued by nightmares about two different women. Caitlan Heightfire, the lady of the manor, fights against her position as a pawn in her father’s play for power. And Andromika Delarus is left to rule over her father’s people even as he sets out to destroy those he is supposed to protect.

As Jeremisias, Caitlan, and Andromika each struggle to find their true place in the world, they will encounter beasts they have never seen before and friends who may not appear to be what they seem.

Will they know who to trust? And — more importantly — will they be able to trust themselves enough to wield the power of the Zodiac for good?


“Into the darkness… lost in its cold embrace…”

 A slender woman with long, azure hair stared up at the crystalline ceiling of the Frozen City’s Citadel of the Damned.

 As she knelt upon the ice floor and marveled at the design of the ceiling, her gaze shifted to the frozen walls around her. It was known as the Frozen City and even the City of the Dead, yet here she lingered for all of eternity.

 “I will wait here for all of time. I will linger here for my time-keeper to return, my Frost Mystic…”

 The hushed words crept from her pale blue lips, which were weighed with frost. Her alabaster skin matched that of the snowy Trollspire Mountains that surrounded her City of the Dead.

 As she shifted her gaze again her eyes lingered on a pedestal that stood before her. Upon it a radiating glow of royal blue shone, emanating from the crystal that rested there, waiting for him to find them. The Zodiac Crystal of Scorpio glimmered and awakened from its long slumber.

 Her lips trembled, not in cold or fear, but in anticipation.

Genre: Fantasy Adventure

Release Date: eBook - August 15th 2015

Page Count: 215

Distributor: Amazon


Page Count: 288

Distributor: CreateSpace


eBook: $2.99

Paper-Back: $10.99

I have felt the darkness.

Lost in its cold embrace

There is comfort here when nothing else remains.

I will wait there for my time-keeper.

My soul

Freed only by his touch.

The shell of a breathing body

Will remain in this stygian hell

Until naught remains.

                                      -Lady of Ice

Author: Steven N. Mouland

Developmental Editor: Colleen McKie

Copy Editor: Crystal Vaughan

Cover Art: Steven N. Mouland


ETA: FALL 2015