Sequel to Awakening





He reached down, grabbing her by her chin and forcing her to look up at him.

“I am to prepare you for transport back to the Capital … but I think you are a far more worthy prize here… amongst my collection.”

He chuckled at her angered expression and intense stare, “Imagine … what the people would say! To find out the Princess of the Empire is nothing but a Psionic sympathizer.”

With his grasp tight on her face he pulled her up to her feet.

Through gritted teeth she replied, “You … made a mistake… Overseer.”

He chuckled again and retorted, “And what might that be my dear?”

She smiled, "For one, I am no princess," feeling her heart pound intensely within her chest, her body boiled in rage, “I am not just a sympathizer … I am one of those dreadful things that frighten you so much … I am the burning flame of hatred that beats in your chest! I will burn you all to ash!”

She reached forward, grabbing his forearm. Immediately her hands burned red hot, pouring searing heat into his flesh. His scream of pain and terror shot out. From her eyes, mouth, and fingertips flames shot forth; uncontrolled, free to burn all around her.

As quickly as the soldiers reached for their weapons, the flames were all about them; upon their skin, within their bodies bursting forth.

“Burn…” Ellyana muttered as now it was the Overseer on his knees before her.

She watched as the flames danced up his arms, across his chest and upon his face, melting the flesh.

“Burn them all…”

“What is life but a dream;

a nightmare,

a faded memory?”

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